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Ventra Gear is an outoor gear company specializing in technical backpacks and backpack accessories


Removable Ventilated Backpack Frame

Our removable ventilated backpack frame is the first of its kind, a ventilated suspension backpack frame that can be integrated with any backpack.

Have a backpack you love but that traps your sweat? Well now you can enjoy all the features of your favorite pack, with the addition of exceptional ventilation, support, and comfort.

Owning one frame means that every backpack you ever own can leave your back nice and dry.


Highly Ventilated

  • Since the frame is removable, it is tuned for optimal ventilation. Integrated ventilated frames can compromise ventilation to be better suited for multi-function use. This frame allows your backpacks to be great at exactly what they were designed for when the frame is removed, and also allows those backpacks to be truly exceptional in the area of ventilation when the frame is integrated.


  • Weighs only 350g (0lbs, 12.3oz) (size medium)


  • As long as your backpack has shoulder straps, this frame will be compatible, although some packs will integrate with the frame more seamlessly than others. For example, a tiny running backpack may be capable of integrating with the frame, but perhaps not as nicely as a standard sized backpack.
  • Carried loads like bouldering crash pads and other items with shoulder straps are compatible with this frame.

Simple Attachment

  • The frame can be attached to any backpack in less than 10 seconds.